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New video posted - Image Astrale

  Happy new year, friends!  It's been a minute (or two, or three) but it's nice to be back blogging again today. Even with only the few posts, I've missed doing it, and look forward to blocking of more time weekly this year to writing and blogging.  I took the opportunity recently to edit a video that was shot in November 2018 at a recital I gave with colleagues while I was teaching at Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas. The recital was titled "Forget About the Boy" and featured music exclusively by female composers. It was a blast. Not only did I learn some fabulous music I had never played, but the process of working with my colleagues was silly, inspiring, and exciting.  I had so wanted to play this piece for years, and with this recital I had the perfect excuse to learn it. If you get a chance, do a little digging into Jean Coulthard - an interesting figure in Canadian classical music whose unique style is completely pianistic and intuitive. I've picked t

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